Joey the Giraffe: The Ultimate Children's Book to Stand Tall

“ Is there anything more important than teaching our kids that confidence and self-esteem come from practicing principles of love, gratitude and respect?”
  • Read to them?  It’s fun and they learn a little
  • Read with them?  It’s fun and you both grow
  • Read and apply the princples together?  Self esteem soars

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You'll love reading this book

Easy To Understand

Mark’s unique style of teaching principles in an enteraining way compels children to want to grow in character because its fun.


Hundreds of members of Mark’s Master Key Course have championed for it to be taught in schools. The demand for a child's version has been met in this book.

Self Esteem

Joey learns he is neither better nor less than anyone else and his esteem grows into this lesson. So will your children, [and you too!]

Unleash Your Child's Full Potential

Fashion comes and goes, principles endure. Imagination, gratitude, love, manners, giving and sharing are just some of the principles Joey learns to Stand Tall in character.

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