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Standing Tall

Is there really a Map to the 13 Riches of Life? In Standing Tall, Mark provides the truth about this 4500 year old fable, how he discovered it why its easier than ever to acquire The 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly. Turns out many have found The Map but did not understand it. First one must learn to navigate The Map with the Seven Ancient Verities that have been passed, one person at a time, for 4500 years, until now.

Joey the Giraffe Stands Tall

A wonderful fable for children, [and adults], about Joey, a young giraffe who is struggling with his confidence. Joey shares his feelings with Fola on a memorable walk, and she teaches him life’s most important lessons. On the walk, Joey has a chance to apply the lessons and Stand Tall in character. Great companion book to Standing Tall.

About the Author: Mark J

Mark is internationally acclaimed for his riveting, power-packed workshops with universal business value for aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to improve their life.

His bigger passion is sharing his understanding of Emerson’s Law of Compensation with the world and bringing it to the marketplace.

“At the core of all the success and blessings we’ve experienced is Emerson’s Law,” he says.“People are ready for a shift, not a change, but a shift. Emerson’s Law, simply put, is give more, get more. The dog-eat-dog mentality is a habit that most people don’t really like and they are ready for a shift to creating instead of competing… by giving first.”


Big Al and Mark J

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Author, International Speaker says, “How to build character?  Mark J shows us how in this story of personal development.  Warning.  Working through this book takes effort, but the result will last a lifetime.  A great book.”

Dav and Mark J with Wally Amos

Richard Bliss Brooke, Founder and CEO of Lifematters says, “It is rare in the transformational development world and the wealth-building domain to discover something profoundly new. Mark J is one of those rare gifts of authenticity, brilliance and servant leadership that deserves to be honored. His works are powerful, fresh and inspirational. And most of all they rock us to change who we are and how we become in our world... which creates for us a new world. I love this book.”

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